General Information

Afterare and Tuck info.


Our aftercare runs from Monday to Friday between 13:00 and 17:00. (We will consider till 18:00 if prior arrangements have been made on a case-by-case basis) We offer secure, nurturing and stimulating care. All learners’ homework, play and library times are supervised.

  • Collection of learners controlled by the security guard
  • Nutritional meals and snacks (each child orders their meal out of the set menu)
  • Casual, weekly and monthly rates available


The “Tuckshop” is open for lunch daily. On Friday’s the learners get an opportunity to hone their bargaining skills; we move the “Tuckshop” outside and allow the sale of sweets, chocolates, chips and others odd-sorts (sorry, still no cold-drinks) over and above their normal luncheon orders. This is made possible by making physical education the last period of Friday and that is also the period that comes after the break. This means that all that sugar is worked out their system by the time you come to collect them!
The tuck menu also doubles as the aftercare menu and those at aftercare get to order their favourites for their afternoon meal. This has proved to be highly successful as the wastage has been reduced due to them preferring to eat what they ordered rather than what is just given to them.

Tuck Menu

Chicken & Mayo (plain or toasted)
Hotdog with Sauce
Egg & Mayo (plain or toasted)
Pizza (2x mini BBQ Chicken)
Pie(Chicken & Mushroom/Pepper steak/Steak & Kidney/ Mutton Curry)
Burger with Tomato and Pickle
| Vegetarian Options |
Toasted Cheese Sandwich (tomato)
Hotdog (soya) with Sauce
Burger (soya) with Tomato and Pickle
Pizza (2x mini Margherita)
Oven Chips with chips spice
Water (Sparkling/Still/ Flavoured/Hot Choc)

School Times for 2019

View the table below to see the school times for Junior School, Middle School and Senior School.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Junior School 07:45 → 13:00 07:45 → 13:00 07:45 → 13:00 07:45 → 13:00 07:45 → 13:00
Middle School 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40
Senior School 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40 07:45 → 13:40