About Us

We Believe in the Development of the Whole Child

Our Mission

Is to give learners an opportunity to go beyond the boxes society places them in and to allow the child to become a confident and educated person who would make a difference to the society they function within.

Our Purpose

Is to equip the learner that walks into our world with the requisite tools and coping strategies needed to deal with their individual struggles. This could be anything from barriers to learning and learning difficulties to social and psychological disorders that hinder them. We are educators and not magicians so we do not make these issues disappear, instead teach learners to manage them. 

Our Focus

  • To rebuild self-esteem.
  • To foster an enjoyment towards learning
  • To provide a complete educational programme
  • To help each child identify his or her own goals and targets
  • To identify and reach potential in a child’s strength(s)
  • To remedy weaknesses
  • To improve language skills
  • To reach a functional reading age as soon as possible
  • To teach strategies and skills to assist with spelling
  • To achieve his or her potential in, and to foster an enjoyment of mathematics
  • To motivate each child
  • To stretch without breaking
  • To place students back into the mainstream when they are ready

Our Beginnings

Since opening its doors in January 2001 with just a few children our mission has guided our work with young children and their families: to provide a happy and nurturing environment which supports children presenting with learning difficulties/barriers to learning in achieving their full potential and to create opportunities for all in the LearnWrite community to grow. To this end, we have created a learning environment that is warm, friendly, and conducive to individual growth.   
LearnWrite is a GDE registered co-educational school offering classes from Grade 1 through to Grade 9 that follows the CAPS curriculum. LearnWrite aims to offer help to children whose learning difficulties/barriers affect their ability to achieve their full potential in a mainstream classroom. Our priority remains to restore confidence and to develop a positive attitude to learning by providing teaching within an atmosphere of support and understanding geared towards each child’s specific needs. WE TEACH A CHILD, NOT A CLASS!
The school has an open admissions policy and will, when placement allows, accommodate learners who have been identified as having learning potential but are presenting with barriers to learning. The full staff complement sustains a very favourable learner: staff member ratio. Each learner could be allocated a multi-disciplinary team to assess, monitor and devise intervention programmes. The team might include a Speech Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, a Psychologist, a Remedial Therapist and an experienced teacher. Our wonderful staff of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced educators tirelessly help the children in their care acquire the skills to achieve success in their learning. It is thanks to these remarkable teachers and therapists that our children are able to develop a positive sense of accomplishment, maximise their strengths and develop a healthy self-esteem. Because the school believes in the development of the whole child, physical education coaches and facilitators and a musical coach are also contracted to the school. Staff members are highly experienced, skilled professionals who have a deep-seated motivation to see and reach the potential in every child. LearnWrite invests considerably in staff development and training and each professional member is encouraged to journey as lifelong learners. Staff turnover is minimal. Apart from a genuine, deep sense of care for each and every individual learner under its wing, LearnWrite is committed to pursuing cutting-edge intervention strategies that will offer its learners the best possible chance of reaching their full potential.
We are proud of our school and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to provide extraordinary education services to our children and their families and we would love to show this to you in person.   Please visit us; we are confident that you will share our enthusiasm for our unique learning community.